PostGuard - protection for your bike.




So you have just purchased a new MTB fitted with a DROPPER SEAT POST or have replaced a dropper post.

That DROPPER POST looks fantastic...for now. But wait till it get's a regular coating of mud.

UNPROTECTED POSTS need to be serviced on a regular basis as small contaminants  ( ie water, mud & fine dust/grit) get dragged past the seals every time the post is droppped.

The more muddy the trails the more often servicing is required. This gets very expensive.

POSTGUARD (patent pending) will protect your expensive Post & save you $$money.

In other words keeping your post clean with POSTGUARD = LESS need for servicing(longer intervals).

                                                              Wear from mud & stone damage eliminated.

                                                             More $$money in your pocket for other servicing.

This all adds up to Peace of Mind knowing your Post is safe.




Your DROPPER POST costs a lot - protect it!

Mud can ruin your dropper post and rocks can chip the post, allowing muddy water to enter the internal mechanism.

"PostGuard" is easily installed, looks cool, and prevents mud from splattering the post. It's also self-cleaning - surplus mud is removed each time seat is lowered! POSTGUARD resists impact from rocks, and moisture isn't trapped as it is in sock systems.

We at 100%Carbon Ltd designed this "Postguard" with "Protection" in mind.

We have seen multiple posts now with the COATING WEARING OFF.

Once this starts happening it won't be long till it fails. 

With "POSTGUARD" protection YOU the bike owner will SAVE a large amount of money on SERVICING,   PARTS & WEAR & TEAR to your Dropper Post.

All it takes is one small stone chip or several scratches and the wear begins 

We at 100%Carbon Ltd know how much your MTB fitted with "Dropper Post" cost & that you want it to last.

Get yourself  or a friend a Dropper Post Protector -  POSTGUARD.

To us it's a NO BRAINER



Post Guard: A type of "Mudguard"(Fender)

One of the quickest ways for Mud & Water to get inside your "Dropper Post" is a chip in the post. The chip will hold the mud & water then when the seat is lowered the dirt & water in the chip go straight past the seals into the Guts of the Dropper Post. This is like grinding paste & will quickly destroy your $$$ (expensive) post. "Post Guard" will prevent stone chips.  

This "Post Guard" will help prevent  DROPPER SEATPOST PROBLEMS  from starting.

  • Crafted from 100% CARBON fibre & also now in Plastic .
  • Weight-almost nothing
  • Made specifically for Dropper Posts Will fit nearly all "Full Suspension Bikes"
  • May not work on Specialized Command Post.
  • Will fit SOME Hardtails if seatstays are spaced wide apart.
  • No trapped moisture or mud like some other systems
  • Full travel of Post
  • Fits to all posts up to 150mm easily, up to 170mm on some bikes.
  • Impact resistant
  • Easy installation-Cable ties included (3+1spare)
  • Excess mud build up is automatically removed when seat is lowered.
  • The 100%CARBON FIBRE model & Plastic models look great & you can still see your trick Post.
  • All models are designed & manufactured in NZ for 100%CARBON Ltd
  • FREE  shipping worldwide.
  • Payment via PAYPAL
  • Plastic Postguard -NZD $35.00 GST included
  • Carbon Postguard -NZD  $79.99  GST included . 
  • 30 Day Satisfaction Guaranteed. 

     Any questions feel free to email us at [email protected]  

     STAY WELL , 2024                                                                                           



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